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My partner and me just started our business and we didn’t know how to deal with accounting, Donna helped us get through it and provided very professional advices for us, she is friendly, kind and patient. I will definitely keep using their services! If you just started your business or have any questions with accounting, we’ll say go for DLR accounting. We strongly recommend it!

Jimmy Amus

J&A Photography studio

We came across DLR Accounting via a BNI Networking zoom meeting…. We setup a initial meeting to talk through some previous bad experiences we had with our last accountant and mainly talked through our business and types of services we offer and what we were looking for out of an accountant.

After an hour we was positive from speaking with Donna that we were in safe hands, and an hour after the meeting we gave the all important go ahead to take over from our previous accountant.

The transition was smooth and effortless on our part… we were quickly introduced to Annemarie who looks after the day to day questions and overall management of our account and she does a great job of keeping on top of any problems or questions that arise. As a company we’ve never had real trouble with debtors however the one time we felt we might run into trouble with a particular client Anne-Marie was there to the rescue to lean on the client on our behalf.

The most important thing in my opinion is the solid advice we receive at our sit down meetings, although professional we enjoy the fun side that both Donna & Annemarie bring to the table it’s not just numbers it’s working as a team to get the best for the business.

Therefore I can only recommend that if you are looking for a new accountant then give these the opportunity of a meeting to see if it is a good match for your business.

The pricing is fair, and more importantly they always have chocolate hobnobs that dunk great in Charlie’s lovely 2 x coffees.

Gary Brown


We started using DLR accounting over 4 years ago when my husband started his own business.They are very helpful,friendly and professional and would highly recommend to others.

Jean Sutcliffe


Have been a client of DLR for a few years now and found them very easy to deal with, nothing is too much trouble. Would definitely recommend them.

Maureen Lanfear


Dealt with this company for the last couple of years now and always a brilliant service from very well trained and professional people I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a good accountancy firm.

Sean Wrightson


Donna has been an amazing support to me in these last few weeks. I have previously been a sole trader so, in starting a limited company, I’ve had lots of questions. Donna has been available at all times of day to answer my queries and her advice, which is always in my best interests, is given with a smile. She also keeps me updated with the progress of any referrals I’ve passed to her and she is a credit to our chapter and BNI as a whole.

Fiona Collins

Keller Williams

Donna was the first person in this group to organise a 121 with me, from that conversation i passed a referral to Donna, my father in law who required help with outstanding accounts in his electrical business. In my father in laws words, BLOODY HELL! that Donna doesn’t mess about, she keeps on top of me, he said Donna is brilliant at every aspect of accounting, i just now know from the many years of accounting, she has plenty of knowledge and information in guiding me through the process.

With more information, i can now see what is happening and most importantly what i can do before things happen at a later date. I won’t hesitate to recommend Donna to any business out there i meet in the future.